Unable to create Storage Sync Cloud Endpoint

When i am trying to create cloud endpoint from terraform script in azure i am getting following error,

Error: waiting for creation of Storage Sync Cloud Endpoint: (Cloud Endpoint Name “azbackup001zscallerc-file-sync-grp-CE” / Sync Group Name “azbackup001zscallerc-file-sync-grp” / Storage Sync Service Name “azbackup001zscallerc-file-sync” / Resource Group “RG”): Code=“-2134364065” Message=“Unable to read specified storage account. Please check the permissions and try again after some time.”

however when i am creating the same from azure portal i am able to create without any issues. I have checked all my permissions and even from global admin account as well, i am unable to do so. Please assist the possible solution

I am seeing similar error when I am trying to create cloud endpoint using Terraform. But works well, when I try to create storge sync cloud endpoint from azure portal. The account which is used to create resources in azure subscription has owner access rights. Any insight on this issue how to address?