Unable to decrypt using imported aes256-gcm96 transit key

Hi All,

I am trying a scenario, where there are 2 separate instances of vault and I need to export transit key from 1st vault instance and import it into the 2nd vault instance. I am able to successfully perform the export and import of aes256-gcm96 based transit key to the vault instances. But when i try to decrypt the ciphertext in 2nd vault instance which was encrypted by 1st vault instance, I get below error. Same is the case when I try vice-versa. Can you please let me know, what could have gone wrong?

/ $ vault write transit/decrypt/my-key ciphertext=vault:v1:fuhpOM6LWdyS8VPlā€¦
Error writing data to transit/decrypt/my-key: Error making API request.

Code: 400. Errors:

  • cipher: message authentication failed
    / $

I am using Vault 13.7.

Kindly ignore. Issue was with the wrong ciphertext used for import.