Unable to deploy Azure Lighthouse using Terraform

Hi !

A few days i tried to deploy azure lighthouse using terraform template, The first Error was that i have to add a scope to my definition, so i did it like that:

# Configure the Azure Provider
provider azurerm {
  # whilst the `version` attribute is optional, we recommend pinning to a given version of the Provider
  version = "2.0.0"
  features {}
data "azurerm_subscription" "primary" {

data "azurerm_role_definition" "contributor" {
  role_definition_id = "b24988ac-6180-42a0-ab88-20f7382dd24c"

resource "azurerm_lighthouse_definition" "example" {
  name               = "test"
  scope = data.azurerm_subscription.primary.id
  description        = "This is a lighthouse definition created via Terraform"
  managing_tenant_id = "yyyyyyyyy-yyyyyyyyyyy-yyyyyyyy-yyyyyyy"

  authorization {
    principal_id       = "yyyyy-yyyyyy-yyyyyyyy-yyyyyyyy"
    role_definition_id = data.azurerm_role_definition.contributor.role_definition_id

After adding the scope
no error appears following the execution of my terraform, but the deployment of lighthouse obviously did not work.
I would also like to specify that I had already done the test with exactly the same information using ARM (successful test) as on the microsoft documentation:

link to terraform tempalte :

I’ve got the exact same problem. Have you found a solution?