Unable to Import AzureFrontDoor Endpoints during Upgrade Process out of tf.io pipeline

Hello, I am going through this process, migrating to the v2.58+ AzureRM module, but am having trouble getting the import process to complete in my tf.io managed pipeline because some values are not determined until apply…

The plan runs okay, but it’s treating the newly separated endpoint configs as new objects, which makes sense because I’m missing the import step.

I am following this guide:

terraform import azurerm_frontdoor_custom_https_configuration.default /subscriptions/<SUBSCRIPTION>/resourceGroups/<RG NAME>/providers/Microsoft.Network/frontdoors/<FD NAME>/customHttpsConfiguration/default

ERROR Received on attempted Import:

│ Error: Invalid provider configuration
│ on C:\Terraform\CDE\main.tf line 14:
│ 14: provider "azurerm" {
│ The configuration for provider["registry.terraform.io/hashicorp/azurerm"] depends on values that cannot be determined until apply.