Unable to login to Vault using OIDC auth method via CLI

We have enabled and configured the OIDC auth method for Vault. We can successfully login via the UI but are having issues logging in via the CLI.

$ vault login -method=oidc role=google
Unknown auth method: oidc. Use "vault auth list" to see the complete list of
auth methods. Additionally, some auth methods are only available via the HTTP
$ vault auth list
Path Type Accessor Description
---- ---- -------- -----------
oidc/ oidc auth_oidc_d9627ab1 n/a
token/ token auth_token_d1d965f7 token based credentials
$ env | grep -i vault

Hi. What do you get when you run vault version, which returns the version of the CLI that’s running (as opposed to vault status which pings the server)? The -method resolution is done in the CLI so I suspect you are calling an old (pre 1.1.0, I think) version that doesn’t know about OIDC.

Thank you @kalafut, you were exactly right. The CLI version was prior to 1.1.0 (1.0.2). Downloading the latest CLI binaries solved my issue.

Thank you for your time!