Unsupported path error when creating namespace in HashiCorp

When trying to create a namespace at path, it returns the following error.

$ vault namespace create ns1
Error creating namespace: Error making API request.

Code: 404. Errors:

  • 1 error occurred:
    * unsupported path

Creating new secret engines and putting new kv entries are working well.

Namespaces are an enterprise feature. What does vault status show?

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@mikegreen Hi Mike, I have come across this issue as well. How do I know which version of Vault I have installed? The vault status shows the version as ‘1.7.3’. I want to know if I have Enterprise or just some dev version installed.

The bottom of the UI, the API endpoint @ /v1/sys/health, and vault status will show the version from the server side.

Enterprise will show as x.x.x-Ent, like 1.7.3+ent, OSS will show just 1.7.3