Updating Vault version to the latest while maintaining the same raft pod leader

We use OnDelete for the update strategy type for our Vault deployment using helm. I noticed after running the update that the leader raft pod changed to vault-2 from vault-0. We have a total of 3 replicas for the vault service. During the update, due to the strategy type we have to manually go in and delete the follower pods first and leader pod last in order for the pod to be recreated with the new updated version. We are in the process of automating the upgrade process and would like to know if there is a way to maintain the vault leader pod (vault-0) after every upgrade?

Currently running Vault version 1.12.1 with raft backend and azure key vault auto-unseal.

No. The leader is dynamically elected and will naturally shift between nodes in response to issues with the cluster.

There is no facility to have a particular node be prioritised.

If that’s the case I can use the selector flag with vault-active set to true or false to help me automate the process.

Thanks for the clarification!