Upgrade from 0.14.8 to 1.5.6

Hi there,

I am planning to upgrade Terraform from the current version 0.14.8 to the latest 1.5.6.
According to the documentation, it is a 2-hop process. First, upgrade to 1.0 and then 1.5.

I tried upgrading terraform version from 0.14.8 to 1.5.6 by skipping version 1.0 and it was successful. I took care of required syntax changes. I performed it on existing infra in Test env and did not find any error. The commands terraform plan and terrafom apply did not give any errors.

I have few questions on this.

1: Is it possible to upgrade terraform from 0.14.8 to 1.5.6 directly by skipping intermediate versions?

2: Will there be any impact if I do so?

Current Terraform version: 0.14.8


Hi @sushil.mchaudhari,

Terraform v1.0 was the start of a series of v1.x releases that are all intended to be backward-compatible with everything that came before, and so in most cases you can treat upgrading from v0.14 to v1.5 as equivalent to upgrading from v0.14 to v1.0.

However, those intervening releases do have some notes in their upgrade guides about some less common situations that might require special attention during upgrade. Therefore you should typically still review those notes to ensure that those situations don’t apply to you. If they do not apply to you then there’s no harm in upgrading all the way to the latest patch release of the current minor release.

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Hi @apparentlymart,

Thank you for the reply. I did go through the upgrade guides but not much applies to my code.

I appreciate your help.