Upgrading consul server to latest version

Current version of consul is 0.6.3 and I am trying upgrade to latest version. Current cluster is 3 servers. I have upgrading one server and see below error when trying to start the consul service:

Error starting agent: error=“Failed to start Consul server: Failed to start Raft: recovery failed to parse peers.json: json: cannot unmarshal string into Go value of type raft.configEntry”

Hi @nirudevops,

We have a set of specific upgrade instructions for migrating from 0.8.x to a newer release, which typically involves multiple upgrades to intermediary versions before you’re able to upgrade to your target release.

These instructions do not cover 0.6.x, so I cannot give specific guidance on that version. Broadly I would recommend reviewing the upgrade information for the version you’re upgrading to, for example Consul 0.7, to ensure that you understand the implications or backward compatibility issues when moving to the newer versions.