Use Cognito User Pools as default Identity Provider

Hello fellow infra engineers, I’m currently setting the Cognito auth service and I want to use the COGNITO_USER_POOL I’ve created, as the default identity provider.

Under, " aws_cognito_user_pool_client, I’ve tried using “supported_identity_providers = []” and ‘’ and they both failed with “InvalidParameterException”

I’m quite proficient in reading TF’s doc, but I could only find reference to , which is meant for 3rd party providers, i.e Facebook or Google.

I did found this old post from Google Groups saying TF didn’t support setting the user_pool as the default identity provider:

is this really the case now? do i really need to deploy the app and then go to the browser to check one checkbox? i’m using TF 1.04, which is awesome :slight_smile: