Use of Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL for Terraform Enterprise to handleRegion Failover


Currently we are implementing Terraform Enterprise Airgap installation in a single region as Active/Active implementation.
We are doing bullet proofing of this infrastructure and planning to have Multi-region deployment.
The current reference architecture :

We are using AWS RDS PostgreSQL in Primary region.
We have an identical infrastructure in another region with an addition of Read-Replica (Read replica of the Primary).

Per the documentation :
RDS cross-region read replicas can be used in a warm standby architecture or RDS database backups can be used in a cold standby architecture.

This is our current stratergy.


  1. To handle Region Failure, RDS is an important component and we plan to have very minimal data loss. So instead of using the current PostgreSQL, can we leverage and use Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL and use GLOBAL DATABASE.

Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL solves this problem all - together and handles Failover in an efficient way. Cross-Region disaster recovery using Amazon Aurora Global Database for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL | AWS Database Blog

Can you please help me with the question, can we use Global Database of Amazon Aurora PostreSQL for Terraform Enterprise ?

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