Use template_body and parameters_body in azurerm_template_deployment how List

Hi to all!!!

i have this problem:

i try to create an azurerm_template_deployment in this way:

resource “azurerm_template_deployment” “test-logic-app-template”
count = “dollar {length(azurerm_logic_app_workflow.test-logic-app-name)}”
name = “dollar {element(azurerm_logic_app_workflow.test-logic-app-
template_body = “dollar {file(element(var.legacy_tb_la,count.index))}”
parameters_body = “dollar {file(element(var.legacy_pb_la,count.index))}”
resource_group_name = “dollar {var.resource_group_name}”
deployment_mode = “Incremental”

variables legacy_tb_la and legacy_pb_la are a lists:

legacy_tb_la = ["./file1.json","./file2.json"]
legacy_pb_la = ["./file1.parameters_DEV.json","./file2.parameters_DEV.json"]

variable “legacy_tb_la” {
description = “Path for the template of Logic App”
type = “list”

variable “legacy_pb_la” {
description = “Path for the parameters of Logic App”
type = “list”

when i try to run the command terraform apply, i receive this error:

Error creating deployment: resources.DeploymentsClient#CreateOrUpdate: Invalid input: autorest/validation: validation failed: parameter=deploymentName constraint=MaxLength value="…" details: value length must be less than or equal to 64

Someone can help me?
thanks in advance.