Username/PrincipalId getting changed on terraform apply for Eventbridge

We use terraform with atlantis where we created certain roles and users that syncs with terraform,atlantis and AWS. So when ever we make changes accordingly the name from the IAM user we created is shown as the modified person. But recently we came across a situation where when i tried some terraform apply locally with aws_cloudwatch_event_target. or when working with aws eventbridge, the username changed to aws-go-sdk- instead of aws iam name like mark.
command used
terraform plan -var assumed_role= -var atlantis_user=mark -target module.eventbridge.aws_cloudwatch_event_target.cloudtrail-change-notification
terraform plan -var assumed_role= -var atlantis_user=mark -target

events is a module which we created internally which calls the eventbridge module, we defined and where we wrote common code for the same.

terraform v 1.1.7