Using HashiCorp Packer to generate multi-arch Docker images

I am hoping to find someone who has experience using HashiCorp Packer to generate multi-arch Docker images. I am having trouble finding a clear example that demonstrates how to build a Docker image with multiple architectures and create a manifest for it.

If anyone has any resources or examples they can share, it would be greatly appreciated. I’m looking to learn more about the process and best practices.

Thank you in advance for your help!


This article might be the one for you.
I have also been looking for the solution, and am going to try the procedures on the article.


It’s a good starting point, but it doesn’t quite replace Dockerfile’s ability to publish multiple architectures of images under a single manifest.

If we follow the article then all the images would have to be tagged differently in order to access them.

However, if we attempt to use the same tag then each architecture overrides the previous one.

Packer currently doesn’t support this, but here’s the GitHub issue tracking this feature: Is it possible to build multi arch docker images with packer · Issue #11634 · hashicorp/packer · GitHub