Using module output as provider parameter

Hello - at VMware we are building NSXT provider that takes 2 parameters:
provider “nsxt” {
host = “{}" vmc_token = "{var.vmc_token}”
I would like to be able to use the output of a module as “host” variable like:
provider “nsxt” {
host = “{module.SDDC.proxy_url}" vmc_token = "{var.vmc_token}”

is this possible under terraform rules? i am immediately getting an error saying: " Error: host must be provided"

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Do you have a module instance named ‘SDDC’ which has an output named ‘proxyurl’ defined?

Modules may be tricky just because of how they interact with the graph. I think either recent or upcoming versions of Terraform have improvements around that. But given that this isn’t a Terraform provider development issue, you may find more success in the Terraform forum.

[edit] Eeek! I’m sorry. I thought this was posted in the SDK forum, not the Providers forum. I still think the Terraform forum would be more likely to yield an answer, but apologies for misreading like that [/edit]

yes indeed and this module returns the variable i need.

After many search and discussions, I came to the conclusion that this is not possible and Terraform need 2 stages to do that: first that will compute the “module.SDDC.proxy_url” and second phase that will take this output from the tfstate and apply.
I tested it and it’s OK

Are you defining the provider at the top level, or in a module?

top level for all providers. and then separated modules

It’s likely then that Terraform doesn’t include providers in the dependency graph in such a way that they can depend on module outputs.