Using same node a s Client & Server - meta tag constraint deployment don't work

We marked same node as Client & Server by having respective config, and added some custom meta tags under client config. When we see those nodes on Nomad GUI, we could see the meta tags showing up under Client section (see below).

Now when I try to deploy a job using same meta tag as constraint, that node is filtered out, while expected behavior is that my job should have been scheduled on this node.

constraint {
attribute = “${meta.nomad_server_linux}”
operator = “=”
value = “true”

If we have separate node for Client & Server then everything works. We totally understand that as a best practice you should have separate Server & Client nodes, but we will have super tiny deployment for special use cases, and we want to deploy our code same way for large and tiny deployments.

It was a false positive as we didn’t install Nomad client correctly. It works fine for us.