Using Terraform to deploy AWS WorkSpaces (VDI)

Hello all. I’m trying to figure out if I can use Terraform to deploy AWS WorkSpaces. Looking in the Terraform documentation at, I see I can modify an AWS WorkSpace directory and create an IP access control group but I can’t see where I can use TF to deploy WorkSpaces using a “Workspace bundle ID”. Anyway, I’m fairly new to TF and would appreciate any insight into using TF with AWS WorkSpaces. Thanks.

Hello @balld31,

Have you had a chance to look at the AWS Workspace resource page?

Also, if there are any examples or workstreams that you are trying to create, can you provide more information about what your use case is?


Taylor Dolezal

Hi @balld31,

Are you perhaps looking for a way to define a bundle as your resource?
If so, I spend my time as well… so I share information so that the same thing doesn’t happen.

Unless you create a custom the bundle, “Workspaces bundle ID” is defined by AWS.
Therefore, you don’t have to define your bundle, and you can quote the published bundle ID like the URL (

You can check the published bundle ID by using AWS CLI.
$aws workspaces describe-workspace-bundles --owner AMAZON

I am trying to build some workspaces with Terraform and would appreciate some code examples. I am still learning my way through this and seeing a working example would help me a lot.