Using the vault web UI CLI to enable audit does not detect arguments - am i formatting it wrong?

I am trying to enable an audit device, and wanting to try do it by going to vault web UI (“Vault Browser CLI”).

Once in, i can issue typical commands to read / write - e.g. read sys/audit. However, I am trying to enable an audit device, and it is not reading in the file_path argument.

These are the ways I have tried to run it:

write sys/audit/stdout type=file file_path=stdout  #file_path is required
write sys/audit/stdout type=file -file_path=stdout #file_path is required
audit enable file file_path=stdout  #gives me the help menu - direct access to audit not available, looks like i need the write command. 

From the API docs, it looks like file_path is a sub-key of options - how do I specify the file_path parameter as an argument to write sys/audit/x ?

I am testing this on a slightly older version of vault - 1.15

Hi @brettcave ,

The browser CLI is a limited subset of Vault CLI commands, and I do not think its aware of the local file system.

You can find a list of the supported web CLI commands here: