Using vault on VM ( VistualMachine)

hi all,
this is my first post and i am using vault for first time,
i had gone through documentation but i need few things to make it clear in the example below.

  • what is wrappingtoken, where i ll get it
  • why and where to get VaultClient

if anyone has documentation with steps please share with all of us.

Wrapping a token is an action that you can have Vault perform. It’s like wrapping a present, but you can tell vault that whomever gets that present can unwrap it once or X many times. It’s used to communicate between two entities that don’t share authentication. For example I want serverA to send an account number, across the internet but I want it to be a secure. I can wrap that secret, send it to the other party, they can then use Vault and their auth to unwrap the token.

The vault client, is the same exact binary as the vault server. So is the agent, they’re all the same binary.