Using Vault to access static secrets in Azure KeyVault

I am trying to configure HashiCorp’s Vault as a single point of truth in our secrets network. Is it possible for Vault to relay Azure static secrets to the end user? I know that we can use Azure for unsealing and dynamic secrets, but have not found anything for static secrets.

Can we relay Kubernetes secrets as well?

Thanks in advance

Hey @chyldes Thanks for the question.

As things stand at the moment, Vault does not have the capability to act as an access proxy to Azure Key Vault secrets or Kubernetes. If this is a feature you would like to see, I’d encourage you to submit a feature request here.

Please include any useful usecases and workflows that you would like to implement to allow a thorough assessment of this feature request by our Product Management and Engineering teams.

Thanks again for the question and have agreat day :slight_smile: