Vagrant 3.0 and the future of Ruby files

:wave: Hey, awesome work on moving towards HCL in Vagrant 3.0.

Is there any plan for Ruby based Vagrantfiles to go away in the future?

I say this as Test Kitchen currently generates Ruby based files for each instance it creates. And we probably need a plan there to move to HCL instead of Ruby (if that’s even possible)

As Vagrant moves towards 3.0 backward compatibility is a huge priority for us. We intend for Ruby based Vagrantfiles to always be supported, though users might have to do a few more steps to get them working.

You will still be able to use Ruby-based Vagrantfiles and Vagrant plugins. However, you will need to install Ruby on the host system. Vagrant will detect Ruby-based Vagrantfile or plugin usage and prompt you with instructions for installing Ruby on your platform. Once installed, Ruby-based Vagrantfiles and plugins will work normally.

ref: Toward Vagrant 3.0


thanks for the reply @soapy1. I figured it would be backwards compatible for a while, but then removed in something like 4.0/5.0 for simplicity.

Either way, super excited to see the speed and stability improvements!

@soapy1 — Any news on Vagrant 3.0? Anxious to beta test…