Vagrant as a Gitlab CI Runner Executor?

Hi all!

I am wondering if anyone has taken a look at using Vagrant from Gitlab CI?

Gitlab Runner supports virtualbox as an executor, but only vaguely mentions that vagrant can be used. Shell executors could be an option, and also there is a “Custom” executor as well. I have heard of, but never seen in action, 3rd party developed executors for more 3rd party vendor specific tooling.

I do quite a bit of infrastructure modeling/testing with Vagrant (virtualbox and libvirt providers). These usually involve multi-vm and multi-network environments, and I not only test configurations but also failures and resiliency. The multi-vm scenarios are usually not well suited to automated testing with containers b/c of platform specific inter-dependencies like VMs for MSAD or VMs modeling switches and routers.

The nice-to-have would be CI artifacts and green/red checks from various pipeline stages that indicate the results of various configuration and testing scenarios executed on these virtual labs through Gitlab CI. Right now I do most of the test execution by hand and attempt to show success by written report.

Thanks for your thoughts!