Vagrant-libvirt => How to install plugin in machines without internet connection?

Dear all:
Thank you for your great work !!!
Just one question, for me it is very difficult to install vagrant-libvirt plugin in machines that has no internet access on RHEL8. Once all dependencies already installed in the machine, as well as vagrant RPM packages, here the different attemtps:

TRIAL 1: from Gem File… the dependencies hell
→ URL:
→ Procedure:

Which dependencies required? How to install them?

TRIAL 2: from bash script
→ URL:
→ Procedure:

Script do not work on RHEL distros.

TRIAL 3: from source code
→ Procedure:

Using rake, gemspec tries to connect to internet… so, not working.

Any help, will be very welcome.

All the best

Apparently, this is the list of dependencies you need to install:

[root@mds001 ~]# vagrant plugin list
diffy (3.4.2, global)

    • Version Constraint: 3.4.2*
      fog-core (2.3.0, global)
    • Version Constraint: 2.3.0*
      fog-json (1.2.0, global)
    • Version Constraint: 1.2.0*
      fog-xml (0.1.4, global)
    • Version Constraint: 0.1.4*
      formatador (1.1.0, global)
    • Version Constraint: 1.1.0*
      mini_portile2 (2.8.1, global)
    • Version Constraint: 2.8.1*
      nokogiri (1.13.10, global)
    • Version Constraint: 1.13.10*
      vagrant-libvirt (0.11.2, global)
    • Version Constraint: 0.11.2*
      xml-simple (1.1.9, global)
    • Version Constraint: 1.1.9*

→ Procedure: vagrant plugin install --plugin-clean-sources ./dependency.gem
→ Download GemFile from:

→ Becarefull with RHEL8 specific folders:
CONFIGURE_ARGS=“with-libvirt-include=/usr/include/libvirt with-libvirt-lib=/usr/lib64” vagrant plugin install --plugin-clean-sources ./vagrant-libvirt-0.11.2.gem

Now, I have issues adding boxes from local file. Therefore, no way to test the installation.

Any ideas?

Thank you

[root@mds001 ~]# vagrant box add indra/test file:///root/repo/indra/boxes/test/versions/1.0.0/providers/
Vagrant failed to initialize at a very early stage:

The plugins failed to load properly. The error message given is
shown below.

cannot load such file – xml/simple