Vagrant ssh:“posix_spawnp: No such file or directory”

❯ vagrant ssh
posix_spawnp: No such file or directory

I connect to vagrant as usual, but he reports vagrant ssh posix_spawnp: No such file or directory.

I haven’t touched vagrant for almost half a month, and the virtual machine. Does anyone have any friends who have encountered similar problems? how did you solve it?

I read the error message, it seems that the exact directory is needed, you can take a look at proxy - windows 10 ssh proxycommand: "posix_spawn: No such file or directory" - Server Fault -directory

It was found that the problem was initially caused in the vscode-remote-release Project, which sparked a lot of discussion, and finally vscode-remote-release fixed the problem, I don’t know if vagrant also has this problem?

Thank you so much.

I finally found out that it was a problem with openssh, mainly the configuration of .ssh/config.