Vagrant up - provision - reload

I am in my first steps with vagrant. After reviewing the documentation I am not sure what would be the correct way or the best way after adding lines in SCRIPT of the “Vagrantfile” to load these modifications, vagrant up - vagrant provision - vagrant reload --provision.
Thank you.

Hi @molitec1970,

vagrant up will launch the VM and provision it for first time usage. Once the VM is running, calling it again won’t run the provisioning step to avoid overwriting any state of the existing VM (as you might have made some manual changes while running it).

In this case, use vagrant provision to explicitly run the step on an existing VM. It’s best to make sure your shell scripts won’t break anything if they are executed multiple times (e.g. check first if a line in a config file already exists before adding it).

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much.