Value change to null not happening


I’ve recently upgraded both Terraform to v1.4.6 and the splunk provider to v1.4.19 and now whenever i run a plan it sees a bunch of values to change to “null”. However those values were never configured in the first place, they are not set in any tf file or in splunk.
Moreover, when trying to delete values, the correct → null action appears when running the plan but once the apply goes through and i check the result in splunk the value is still there.

Thanks in advance for the help

With any issue resulting from an upgrade, both the from and to versions are important.

In any scenario where something is going wrong around an upgrade, a really simple thing to do to narrow down the culprit is to not upgrade Terraform core and the provider at the same time. You should roll back and upgrade one at a time.

What does deleting values mean? Show the configuration change and resulting plan.