Vault 1.19 UI issues

we have deployed vault 1.9 on the VMware TKG platform(K8) with Dell ECS s3 as backend storage.
Issue: Vault UI is show different data on every page refresh from s3 bucket.
We have assigned multiple policies to a ldap user on every refresh it shows different policies in the UI.
Same issue with vault 1.18 as well. Can you please suggest what could be the issue here.


I have seen something like this and it was a disk latency issue, but it’s a bit of a stretch to your exact issue. Is it possible to try to migrate the data local as a test? Maybe just raft with file storage locally on a PVC.

Just as a side note, Hashicorp does not recommend using your combo in a production environment. Consul or raft are the supported options.

we don’t see latency issues with vault 1.3.2 version.
S3 is one of the supported storage by vault, will there be any issues using s3 in a production environment?

You can reach out to your sales rep if you want to make sure.

Support is a weird subject – I’m sure Support team would support you with normal issues, even with S3, but if you run into an odd issue that’s possibly storage related, such as you have here, they’re not going to be able to “fix” it for you via the normal channels – maybe if you’re a major customer and have a 24x7 support contract you’d have more pull but otherwise not really.

Just to make the distinction – S3 is an “available” storage, it isn’t supported backend for production. The only supported storage is integrated storage and Consul for a production environment. The others that are available are available for trial and testing, mostly for dev – but they’re not recommended for a HA/Production environment.