Vault agent init-container not working on kubernates environment on staging but works fine on minikube

Trying to make

work on production on kubernates.
While making all configurations correctly and making everything work as per my requirement on my minikube cluster locally perfectly well.I tried to migrated my changes to staging environment.

there init container is crashing.
while i tried to get logs of init-containers i got below error
$ kubectl logs -c vault-agent -n
unable to set CAP_SETFCAP effective capability: Operation not permitted
value: “true”
- name: SKIP_CHOWN
value: “true”
in initcontainer env var definition then i get below error:
su-exec: setgroups: Operation not permitted

So i am blocked due to this.Requesting experts to have a look and suggest a way forward to make vault agent work with kubernates cluster.

changed the default PSP for your namespace to gce.privileged which has CAPS=*.
and this error is not there.Will observe and update to this forum.