Vault agent rendering fails with bad syntax error

Seeing the following error when vault-agent tries to render a file to a pod

template.server: template server error: error="(dynamic): parse: template: :2: bad number syntax: \".071252007_in\""

Here is my pod definition for rendering: 'test-config/071252007_incoming_keystore_ubr' '/etc/keystore/' |
  {{"{{"}}- with secret "test/071252007_incoming_keystore_ubr" -{{"}}"}}
  {{"{{"}} base64Decode .Data.071252007_incoming_keystore_ubr {{"}}"}}
  {{"{{"}}- end {{"}}"}}

Where can I find information on what are the valid keynames that I can use to store information in vault ?

Appreciate your help.

This isn’t actually a question of what Vault supports.

Rather the issue here is what Go’s text/template templating language, which is the core of the templates used with Vault agent, supports.

I could not find a strict definition of supported keys for use with the dot operator in template package - text/template - Go Packages - it just says

the key must be an alphanumeric identifier

Referencing a map key which is incompatible with the dot operator can be done using the index function instead:

(index .Data "071252007_incoming_keystore_ubr")