Vault Audit log rotate in Kubernetes

I am trying to configure Vault Audit and as per helm values, we create PVC then we use command “vault audit enable file file_path=/vault/audit/vault_audit.log”

Problem is no rotation configuration or even retention option so log will be growing tell we delete it manually.

    enabled: true
    # Size of the PVC created
    size: 10Gi
    # Location where the PVC will be mounted.
    mountPath: "/vault/audit"
    # Name of the storage class to use.  If null it will use the
    # configured default Storage Class.
    storageClass: null
    # Access Mode of the storage device being used for the PVC
    accessMode: ReadWriteOnce
    # Annotations to apply to the PVC
    annotations: {}

However, my suggestion is to ship the audit logs out to log collector rather than using files. Graylog, Splunk, etc… will make your life a lot easier when you need to parse the audit files.

Problem here that vault is running in k8s as sts so no systemd issue is how to rotate in such situation.