Vault backup and restore using velero

We have vault deployed in our dev environment Digitalocean kubernetes cluster. So we want to take the backup of vault using velero and restore the the same in different cluster.
We are facing the issue like it is not getting restored properly and one more important thing is, the vault should be unsealed using the same old keys which we got while deploying in dev cluster. But this is not happening. It sayd vault should be initialised.
Any help would be apperciated


Vault has native snapshot functionality for backup and restore. If you’re trying to take volume-level snapshots and expect them to restore, this most likely will not work or will behave unexpectedly (ie, inconsistenties).

Unseal keys go with the snapshot backup. I can’t help you with this Velero thing, but if Vault says it needs init’d then you’re not restoring it properly. Maybe share the vault commands/scripts you’re using.