Vault cannot do login k8s cluster 1.17.9

Hi we are using vault version 1.1.1 external server from our k8s cluster.

Currently we are trying to make login with followin commands in powershell:
$requestHeader = @{

“jwt” = “$token”

“role” = “$KubeRoleName”

}| ConvertTo-Json

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri “$vaultURL/v1/auth/$VaultAuthAddress/login” -Method POST -Body $requestHeader -ContentType “application/json” -UseBasicParsing -ErrorVariable ProcessError | ConvertFrom-Json

But we are getting error :
Invoke-WebRequest : {“errors”:[“the server could not find the requested resource”]}

k8s cluster version is 1.17.9.
Vault 1.1.1.

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I have the same issue… please help! I’m on k8s v 1.16.8