Vault-Consul deployment in kubernetes failing

In an AWS Kubernetes service, I have deployed vault and consul using helm chart with the chart versions vault-0.10.0 and consul-0.30.0 respectively.

Both vault and consul servers are installed with 3 replicas for enabling high availability. Now, all the replicas in both servers are crashing. Below are the error logs found in vault

WARNING! Unable to read storage migration status.
2023-02-27T12:33:07.665Z [INFO] proxy environment: http_proxy= https_proxy= no_proxy=
2023-02-27T12:33:14.771Z [WARN] storage migration check error: error=“Unexpected response code: 500”

In consul, spotted the below logs,

[ERROR] agent.server.connect: Failed to initialize Connect CA: routine=“CA initialization” error=“stored CA root is not the active root”

Attaching the screenshot of the errors.



I am Unable to figure out the cause of the issue and fix it. Can anyone please guide me to resolve it.

Thanks in Advance.