Vault CSI Secret Store: File not appeared in Container "spc doesn't contain secret objects"


So, I tried to deploy service in Kubernetes Cluster, and integrate with Vault. I’m using Vault CSI Provider and CSI Secret Store Driver as plugin. and Mount Vault Secret into Container pod as File. FYI: Connection already Ok, but when it mounted as File is not appeared, and i found on CSI Provider Logs “spc doesn’t contain secret objects”.

I04:19:49.601123 1 reconciler.go:448] “spc doesn’t contain secret objects” spc=“default/vault-database” pod=“default/webapp-new” controller=“rotation”

Here is the version that i use.

vault-csi-provider 1.4.0
csi-secrets-store/driver v1.3.4
vault 1.14.2

Has anyone come across something like this?

Thank you.