Vault Disable Escaping


I am having a problem passing in the disable_escaping in the Vault Module for Terraform and I keep getting the error: An argument named “disable_escaping” is not expected here.

This is what the block looks like but I’m not sure where to place that option:

*resource “vault_database_secret_backend_connection” “snowflake” {
backend = vault_mount.db.path
name = “snowflake”
plugin_name = “snowflake-database-plugin”
allowed_roles = [“snowflake-ro”, “snowflake-rw”]

snowflake {
connection_url = “{{username}}:{{password}}”
disable_escaping = true
username = var.snowflake_username
password = var.snowflake_password

This will most likely be something easy so I apologize about the silly question. Sorry but thanks


Nevermind, I am a fool and when using Terraform you don’t need to pass this is. Sorry about that. Feel free to close this thanks.