Vault failed to start


I am getting below error when initing vault.

$ sudo vault operator init

Error initializing: Put dial tcp connect: connection refused

My configuration file details.
$ cat /usr/local/etc/vault/vault_s1.hcl
listener “tcp” {
address = “”
cluster_address = “”
tls_disable = “true”

    storage "consul" {
      address = ""
      path    = "vault/"

    api_addr = ""
    cluster_addr = ""

I have one Vault node and one consul node

$ cat /usr/local/etc/consul/client_agent.json
“server”: false,
“datacenter”: “dc1”,
“node_name”: “consul_c1”,
“data_dir”: “/consul/client-data”,
“bind_addr”: “”,
“client_addr”: “”,
“retry_join”: [“”],
“log_level”: “DEBUG”,
“enable_syslog”: true,
“acl_enforce_version_8”: false

Disabled firewall and confirmed vault and consul service is running.
can someone help me with this?


Hi Rinshad,

It looks like the command is using the default vault address but you have tls disabled so the address should be Try setting the environment variable export VAULT_ADDR= or using the command line option vault operator init -address=

Executed the same but no luck.
export VAULT_ADDR=
~$ sudo vault status

Error checking seal status: Get dial tcp connect: connection refused

On my machine, if I run
export VAULT_ADDR=
~$ sudo env
The VAULT_ADDR variable is not set. So, can you try running the vault command without using sudo?

Hi Rinshad

Sounds crazy but is the vault service running? If i set the vault address correctly with the tls options disabled, normally the only reason i get a connection refused is if the vault service had trouble starting up.

In my experience, if the vault address variable isn’t set and you disable tls, the error message you normally get is something olong the lines of “recieved a http response from a https server”.