Vault HA or cluster with KV storage

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I’ve been reading the docs but cannot quite get if I can do the following

I have a vault instant already setup with a KV storage.

Can I convert it to a cluster or HA with out loosing the current data I have I vault.

I’m trying to create a backup of the data in vault for DR reasons.


Yes, you can make a HA cluster from a single node. Just spin up a new node, and join it to the first node.

You’ll want 3 nodes at least.

Having a cluster isn’t exactly a full DR solution, so make sure you’re taking snapshots and have a restore plan for both infrastructure breakdown as well as logical corruption/etc.

A single node is still considered a “cluster.” Just not a healthy one. You can always add more nodes (should be an odd number of nodes, 1,3,5,7).

I want to expand @mikegreen’s answer. I don’t recommend a cluster with 3 nodes. It’s actually better to have 1 node then 3. So 3 doesn’t buy you HA, as if one node fails you’ll lose the ability to do elections as the minimum for an election is 3 healthy nodes. You want to be able to restart a single node without the whole cluster going off the rails; during upgrades for example. Go with 5 and you’ll have a little piece of mind and actual HA with up 2 nodes failing without the cluster either sealing itself or becoming read-only.

Sorry to be so blunt - but absolutely not. This guarantees a entire cluster failure when you lose that single/1 node.

If you lose a single node in a 3-node cluster, you still have quorum. So one of the ‘alive’ remaining 2 nodes will become the active node. At this point, yes, 5 would be better than 3 but 3 is a fine HA setup to have a single-node-fault tolerance (whereas 5 allows 2 nodes).

Depends on what you mean by “cluster failure”. To me a cluster that is sealed or read-only is not worth keeping up. I rather it fail and restart completely in an available as quickly as possible [ fail fast theory ].

Depends on how and which node you lose … and I have experience this twice now with customers, and once myself in our 5 node kub PR cluster.

If the node you lose is the leader node while there are three node clusters, 2 standby nodes the cluster is not going to be healthy. You’ll see that the two remaining nodes will either seal the cluster or go into a read-only state and never recover.

The easiest way to do this is to setup a 3 node kubernetes cluster and while doing a bunch of writes, kill the leader node.


Thanks for the reply, but i’m struggling to understand the docs

I have a test vault server lonvaulttest1 which is configured with this config

storage "file" {
  path = "/var/lib/vault"

ui = true
listener "tcp" {
  address     = ""
  tls_disable = true

default_lease_ttl ="768h"
max_lease_ttl = "43800h"
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And i have two vault servers not configured yet, lonvaulttest2 lonvaulttest3

I have populated lonvaulttest1 with junk data, but i am unsure of what i need to add to the config file of all three servers to make sure that data is replicated

running vault 1.8.5

Many thanks

The documentation doesn’t make sense because you can’t use “file” storage for HA.
See Filesystem - Storage Backends - Configuration | Vault by HashiCorp.

Switch to “raft” if you want to have more than one node.

See the longer example configuration at the very bottom for how to configure. Each node will get a copy of that configuration.

Is there an way to convert from “file” to raft

This is for consul to raft, but same steps:

Just know that the minimum recommended raft node count is 5 (absolute minimum is 3, which means if at 3, if one fails, you may end up with an unavailable cluster).

This is an anti-pattern. What use case do you have for leases 5 years long?