Vault Integration for Nomad ACLs

I’m trying to wrap my head around integrating Vault when it comes to ACLs in Nomad. Our Vault cluster uses LDAP as an authentication method and I would like to extend that to Nomad. I am able to connect the two pretty easily, but my confusion comes with the attachment of policies in Vault to ACL policies in Nomad. I think I need to create a policy in Vault that gives access to read nomad/creds/<ldap_group> and attach it to both auth/ldap/groups/<ldap_group> and a newly created created nomad/roles/<ldap_group>. Then make sure that the name of the ACL policy in Nomad matches the name of the policy created in Vault. This should then allow someone who can authenticate to Vault via their LDAP credentials to create a token that can be used in Nomad that will use the proper ACL. Is that correct? Or is there a better way than trying to keep ACL policy names and Vault policy names in sync?