Vault Integration with Gitlab

Hi Team,

I have setup vault on my GKE cluster and added few secrets, policies and enabled auth method to integrate it with GITLAB.

Followed - Authenticating and reading secrets with HashiCorp Vault | GitLab

Also I have defined the variables in my GITLAB account.

When I run the CI pipeline from my gitlab account , I see that it is not fetching the created secrets from vault server.

Hi @tssadevops ,

Can you provide some more detail around your configurations (redact any sensitive information, of course)?

  • What are the settings of your GitLab auth role in Vault?
  • Are you using KVv1, KVv2, or something else?
  • What are your specific policy settings?
  • Does your GitLab instance have network access to your Vault instance?
  • How have you configured your pipeline (i.e. what variables did you set)?

Once you provide this information I can offer more guidance.

Hey, Thanks for your response. I was able to deploy and it works fine now