Vault integration with hyperledger fabric

Hi Folks,

Having two organisation org1 and org2.

  1. enable the jwt token
    2)using below api got the token from vault
    let us take e.g we register with org1 and name as testuser1
  2. we recived the jwt token and added the identities inside one secret
  3. when getting this identity, application login and get the jwt token as mension step 2
    5)problem here is if org2 also having same user (testuser1). vault is not able to differntiate the user.
  4. if user login with org1/testuser1 got jwt token, testuser1 is there in org2 as well (org2/testuser1)
  5. org1/testuser1 jwt token can access the identity of org2/testuser1, it should come permission denied but we are getting value