Vault multiple clients and troubleshooting

Hello there,

I want to use vault with some MinIO clients for encryption.
First point, can I use one Vault to manage various encryption keys for more than one KES/MinIO servers?

And what if my Vault server is down? Maybe I cannot access my data… but if the Vault server has some real problem and can’t be started again, even with the backups.
Do I have a possibility to install a new one and use the same keys to manage again the encrypted data or will the data been lost for ever?
Can we use some “loadbalancer” Vault server to have a backup one if needed?

Maybe basic questions, but we just started encryption with this method.

Thank You.

Up… This is a real question I found.
example with K8s: arriving some morning, no access to cluster, and backup restoring made no changes…
It was because of a old un-valid certificate, so even the restoring doesn’t resolve the problem.
So what if having a prob like that with Vault as KMS? Data loss?

Thank You.