Vault on AWS Cluster with Integrated Storage Or on Kubernetes


I’m new to Vault and need some guidance on how to properly define my target architecture.

I am decided between a deployment on an AWS cluster or on a kubernetes cluster.

Our Information System is hybrid, we find

  • Clustered applications on kubernates

  • Non-containerized legacy applications

  • Applications on AWS

All these applications will store their secrets on Vault. I therefore ask myself the question about the best target architecture for this type of environment, should we go on an AWS cluster or a Kubernete cluster.

Vault – Config Server (Spring Cloud config)

We would like to pair Vault with a configuration server, Spring Cloud config. Are there any recommendations for this type of implementation?

Is there any documentation that explains how to couple Vault to Spring Coud Server Configuration ?

I am a taker for all recommendations and good practice.


Vault is not strongly opinionated about which platform it is deployed on.

You should consider which option is best for you, based on which platform you are more comfortable working with, and which is better for avoiding circular dependencies - i.e. if you deploy to Kubernetes, but use Vault is part of gaining access to your Kubernetes to troubleshoot … will an outage lock you out from repairing the outage?

Since this question requires someone who knows what Spring Cloud is (I don’t), you should make a separate topic that mentions Spring Cloud in the topic, so you have the best chance of catching the attention with someone with relevant knowledge.

Thank you for your answers.
We opted for a Highly available architecture with integrated storage on kubernetes
I think I will have more questions as the project evolves.

Thank you