Vault Open bolt file permission denied, cannot start vault

Hi, I am “mostly” following the doc to try to install vault on RHEL. Day 1: Deploying Your First Vault Cluster with Integrated Storage | Vault - HashiCorp Learn
I say “mostly” only because I am installing vault using the hashicorp repo, so some steps are done already(like creating the vault user and group)

Anyway, when I try to start the service as the user “vault”, I always get the message “Error initializing storage of type raft: failed to create fsm: failed to open bolt file: open /data/vault/raft/vault.db: permission denied”

The permission on that folder are: drw-rw-rw-. 2 664 vault 6 Mar 12 09:09 raft

Starting the service as root works, but of course it’s not what we want.

As a test I even granted 777 to all folders under /data recursively, and even that doesn’t work. still access denied when trying to run vault as the “vault” user

vault version is 1.6.3

Any help?


What is the output of ls -lh /data/vault/raft/vault.db ?


We ended up redoing the mount of the drive and it solved the problem. We have no idea what the glitch was but it’s working now. Thanks