Vault operator migrate not working

I am trying to migrate piggy from one k8s cluster to another using vault operator migrate -c migrate.hcl. The databases I am using are both postgres, so my migrate.hcl look like this

storage_source "postgresql" {
  connection_url = "postgres://user:password@db:5432/vault?sslmode=disable"

storage_destination "postgresql" {
  connection_url = "postgres://user2:password2@db2:5432/vault_2?sslmode=disable"

after running the command, it said Success! All of the keys have been migrated.

but when checking the new database, nothing got migrated. I even try using wrong password for database and it’s still showing Success!

Please help, how do I migrate vault from one database to another

Are you seeing it output things like “copied key” in the console when you run it?
Is the destination Vault brand new, and not initialized?

could you solve this ? i have the same issue :confused: .