Vault path variable interpolation

I am building different aws amis for several AWS projects:

What i am trying to achieve is to fetch the variables from various vault path’s like.
I have ENV defined as an environment variable which defines what environment i am running

  "variables": {
"aws_access_key": "{{ vault `twingate/projects/images/aws-{{env `ENV`}}` `AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID`}}",
"aws_secret_key": "{{ vault `twingate/projects/images/aws-{{env `ENV`}}` `AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY`}}",
"vpc_id":  "{{ vault `twingate/projects/images/aws-{{env `ENV`}}` `vpc_id`}}",
"subnet_id":  "{{ vault `twingate/projects/images/aws-{{env `ENV`}}` `subnet_id`}}",

Error initializing core: error interpolating default value for ‘aws_access_key’: template: root:1: bad character U+0060 ’

Obviously this is not working. Is there a way how that can be achieved ?

Ok one solution is to use envsubst but thats more of hack