`vault-plugin-auth-cf` GitHub issues

Hi all,

I’m posting here in the hope of catching the attention of someone who can address two different issues on GitHub. Normally I’d wait, but I can see the existing 3 issues there have been open without comment since May 2020, and this is something we’d love to build, contribute, and us.

The tl;dr version is we have two unmet needs with the Vault CloudFoundry app instance identity plugin, that we’d like to contribute code to meet:

  1. Use client credentials when talking to CloudFoundry
  2. Configure mTLS certificate for use with CloudFoundry API

We’re hoping somebody can tell us whether such contributions would be welcome in the project, and if so what sort of timeline we could expect them to be reviewed, merged, and released in.


Hi Andy,

We’ll take a look and comment on the issues directly, but from skimming them over I think they’d both be reasonable additions and something we’d accept. Those type of changes would land in our next major release, provided everything is in place (docs, testing, …).

Testing in particular from your side would be very helpful, since standing up the CF environment isn’t something we do regularly.



Hi Jim,

That’s great to hear, thanks so much for the quick reply. Let’s chat on the issues.