Vault provider doesn't support static-roles for PostgreSQL

It seems that the vault provider doesn’t support static-roles for PostgreSQL (

resource "vault_database_secret_backend_role" "role" {
  backend             = vault_mount.db.path
  name                = "my-role"
  db_name             =
  creation_statements = "CREATE ROLE \"{{name}}\" WITH LOGIN PASSWORD '{{password}}' VALID UNTIL '{{expiration}}';"

When a role is created it is setup in vault_mount.db.path/role but for static-roles it should be vault_mount.db.path/static-roles. In addition the credentials should be found in vault_mount.db.path/static-creds instead of vault_mount.db.path/creds.

Maybe there should be a bool is_static_role which defaults to false and if true the static-paths should be used.

I’ve opened an issue for this:

The code is there (, but the docs are missing the entry. :slight_smile: