Vault releases with enterprise tagging

Most recent releases have tags and descriptions that mention “enterprise”, for example “1.15.7 Enterprise” [1] [2]

I would appreciate clarification to following questions:

When using BUSL licensed version of Vault, what releases/tags should one look for?

When release notes mentions “Enterprise” or git tag ends with “+ent” what does it mean for the release? Could the source code considered an Enterprise version of the software? Previously, I’ve been under impression that enterprise version was intentionally kept isolated from the publicly available code.

Is there a description of the new release naming convention? Specifically, I’m looking for a clarification of the licensing terms of source code releases where it is stated that the release is an “Enterprise release”.

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[1] Release v1.15.7+ent · hashicorp/vault · GitHub
[2] vault/ at main · hashicorp/vault · GitHub

Vault is the standard tool for secrets management, encryption as a service, and privileged access management.

Vault Enterprise includes a number of additional features that may be useful in specific workflows. A license needs to be applied to a Vault cluster in order to use Vault Enterprise features.

The +ent identifier is added to binaries that are Vault Enterprise and require a license. Additionally, you may see other identifiers on the +ent binaries.

  • vault_1.16.1
  • vault_1.16.1+ent
  • vault_1.16.1+ent.hsm
  • vault_1.16.1+ent.fips1402
  • vault_1.16.1+ent.hsm.fips1402

Checkout this guide for a more detailed explanation.

The MPL/BSL license change is different than the Vault Enterprise license, see this FAQ for more information.

Thank you @michaelkosir! That is helpful and makes sense in context of binaries. But it seems to me these identifiers have now recently found their way to source releases as well (accidentally?).

In context of source releases the tagging does not make sense to me. Would you have clarification to that as well? For example, git tag “v1.15.7+ent” and associated release page [1]. See screenshot here

Note also that there is no source code (=github) release for “non-enterprise” v1.15.7. The tag does not exist. There is only v1.15.7+ent.

It seems that all most recent releases in github now have a mention that they are “Enterprise releases” [2].

[1] Release v1.15.7+ent · hashicorp/vault · GitHub
[2] Releases · hashicorp/vault · GitHub

To hopefully make it clearer what I mean, here are couple links

These are not the only references to “enterprise” or “+ent”. Therefore I’m looking for clarification what the change in source code release naming means in practise.

“Vault Enterprise” source code releases still continue on github:

Here is single exception with no mention of being “Vault Enterprise” release

Any clarification would be appreciated: what does it mean in practice when downloading and compiling “Vault Enterprise” source code from github for the licensing? The source code still carries the same license but thinking of traditional “enterprise” vs “community” edition differentiation, this new release naming is confusing.

This is actually CE source code and thus subject to the Business Source License. We understand the naming convention is confusing and we are working to address this.

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