Vault storage recommendation

We have a Vault cluster deployed on openshift.
As storage we are using Mysql deployed on VM.

We were thinking to switch to Integrated storage in order to eliminate the Mysql dependency and be more resilient.

What do you think? Is it a good choice?


The Integrated Storage backend supports high availability, and is officially supported by HashiCorp. Additionally, all HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP) Vault clusters use the Integrated Storage backend which makes it a tried and true storage backend.

There are a number of benefits to Integrated Storage :

  • Integrated into Vault (reducing total administration).
  • All configuration within Vault.
  • Supports failover and multi-cluster replication.
  • Eliminates additional network requests.
  • Lowers complexity when diagnosing issues (leading to faster time to recovery).

Be sure to checkout this guide that describes the recommended best practices for infrastructure architects and operators to follow when deploying Vault using the Integrated Storage (Raft) storage backend in a production environment.

For Vault on Kubernetes, be sure to checkout this guide as well, specifically the section around architecture.