Vault - What auth methods supported? Cannot find in docs

Is there a page that shows Vault vs. Others that shows how vault compares to other solutions? I found these sorts of pages very insightful.

Also, is there a page that lists all the auth methods supported? This page neglects to cover this or lead to a place where you can find a list of the auth methods supported.

The docs around marketing to sell the product are really terrible. I managed to land on a page for auth methods that on the left side had a list page entries for the auth methods. A lot of times, I will land on a page without the TOC on the left. They should be listed on the overview page, and it should also be on marketing pages promoting Vault.

It’s like Hashicorp wants to hide awesome features of Vault.

In contrast to presentation of material, compare to this:

Also, the compare vault to x technology, is sorely needed. These are complex technologies, and it is a good idea to see how Vault fits in contrast to other solutions.